What the hell is responsive design?

The responsive design moniker has been banded around a lot of late. As more sites need to move towards multiple devices - mobile phones, tablets and desktop pc’s - alongside gaming devices, handheld gaming machines and pretty much anything that has a screen - there are more ways of viewing the web - and your site, online.

So here are a few links to help you get to grips with responsive design, and why you need to be aware of it.

Firstly this overall writeup from Adobe covers quite a bit with a companion article on responsive development techniques.

These articles cover the technical aspects - and are a good start. But as you develop more sites, or start developing for more projects, other considerations come to the fore. Image loading times, depending on device may be a consideration. Site designs in Photoshop, incorporating devices at specific break points may miss out on other devices. And the point of responsive design is that it should really be available to all.  MAny of these considerations are covered in this article  on Web designer depot.

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